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Warships offers you a new twist to a classic game. Play against three levels of AI or against your friends directly between two devices. No wifi connection needed! Moreover, should you win, Warships will evaluate your performance and give you a score, which can be sent to our official website!


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● Normal: Just like a regular human being
● Hard: It knows things you don't...
● God Mode: Only 34 shots to defeat your enemy!

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Just like the good old days! Everyone had those Events of the full experience and excitement of the Downton Abbey series, taking place in the last century in Britain. The son and heir of one of the English aristocratic families tragically killed on the notorious ship "Titanic." All family members believe that it is now entitled to a huge old mansion would have to go to the oldest of the old earl's daughters as sons he no longer has. But whatever their reasons, the old gentleman did not want to give all the property of their kind in the hands of a young Mary. He is going to give all the money and land, one of the extended family, the existence of which, if they knew their family, then safely forget, because he is poor and do not know.

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Homeland is undoubtedly one of the tellyseries of fashion today. In this website we published a passionate recommendation while still his second season was emitted. And although we do not regret this, many seriéfilos were a bit worried after seeing the season finale: With Abu Nazir died, it seemed that Brody and Carrie have their happy ending, but an attack in Langley kills hundreds of people and all good clues point to Nick, who seemed already repented. Thus, the former military and former politician becomes the public enemy number one and is forced to disappear with the help of Carrie, the one who believes in his innocence.


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